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Is Now the Time To Sell Your Rental Property?

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Rental Property: Know When To Sell Owning a rental property is an investment, and with all investments, you have to pick the right time to sell. There’s a lot of uncertainty out there right now: in the housing market and interest rates, in a looming national recession, in geopolitics of the world. Maybe now is the best time to cash in on your investment. You have been a good landlord,

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Red Flags: Not Everyone Is Like Upward Home Solutions

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Upward Home Solutions is a different kind of company Let’s be honest: When you are ready to sell your house, you want the most money and the least amount of stress. Some folks are downright sneaky. The Offer I received an email yesterday from “Kathy” who said that I had a “pending offer for the sale of my house.” Um, my house isn’t for sale and I have never heard

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We Are the Good Guys in Columbus: Upward Home Solutions

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Upward Home Solutions Are the “Good Guys” in the Business You’ve decided to sell your home and you want to find the “good guys.” You want a fair price and you want the transaction to be as easy as possible. Upward Home Solutions is the team you have been looking for. You Have Come To The Right Place! We are the good guys. Upward Home Solutions has been helping homeowners

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