I Buy Houses For Cash In Columbus

You’ve probably heard of them before – home investors that buy houses cash in Columbus, OH. You may have seen an ad or heard about us online or perhaps you received a mailing offering cash for my house. Upward Home Solutions is the #1 company that buy houses for cash in Columbus and Central Ohio.

we buy houses in Columbus, OH

But what exactly are the benefits of house investors and how do they buy houses cash? Why is selling to cash buyers becoming such a popular option? There are definitely advantages to house investors and many see it as a better investment of their time to go with one when they want to sell my house fast.

In this article, we’ll look at pros and cons of selling your house to Upward Home Solutions so you can get a full picture of the business and what to expect when you want to sell my house cash.

buy houses cash
UHS will buy houses cash

Everything you need to know about house investors who buy houses cash.

Being a real estate investor is a fantastic job for those who enjoy networking and are extremely good at real estate sales. If you love TV shows about flipping houses, you’ve probably wondered how they find the Fixer Uppers. Maybe you have seen the “We Buy Houses” signs. Upward Home Solutions does not put up signs. We know we have to earn your trust to buy houses cash.

Have a look at some pros and cons of house investors who buy houses cash!

Pros of selling my house to a cash buyer.

You won’t have to pay real estate commissions

Real Estate Agents charge commissions when they help you sell your house. This is perfectly reasonable because they are providing their professional services to help you find a buyer. Most buyers will need to finance their purchase. They can’t buy houses cash. But UHS does! We buy your house.

Upward Home Solutions doesn’t want to help you find a buyer. We buy houses cash. Skipping the middle person (Realtor) means skipping the fees. House investors offer the same services like assessing your home’s value, but UHS never charges a fee. UHS will give you a cash offer on house closing costs.

They will help you update and upgrade your property.

Can I Sell My House As-Is Fast?

Real estate investors like Upward Home Solutions will put in the time and money so you don’t have to. We are experts at home renovation. If you try to fix up the home yourself, do you have the experience to know which upgrades deliver the most return on your investment? Avoid the guesswork by selling directly to us. We buy houses cash, on your terms.

Fixing up your home also requires cash. Did you know that the average kitchen renovation costs over $25,000? Do you have that much money to invest and hope you get it back when the house sells? Remember, UHS will buy houses cash.

When you need a quick house sale, there’s nobody like Upward Home Solutions.

buy houses cash

We are able to pay cash and sell your house fast

‘As Is’ sale means that your house can be sold without providing a warranty or being on the hook for problems with the house. You will be able to save a lot of money as well as time. House investors that buy houses cash do not need a warranty. They are getting a discount on the house and know it needs repairs. That’s why they buy houses cash.

No hidden fees.

Investors like Upward Home Solutions have no hidden real estate fees. This makes it easy to get a good price on your property.

Cons of house investors:

Scammers are out there!

Make sure you do your research.

You should still be able to check reviews of the house buying company to make sure it is legitimate. A reputable house investor should provide you references and be honest and upfront about their business. Watch for red flags. If they don’t buy houses cash, move on.

Be sure to check their website and ratings on the Better Business Bureau. Upward Home Solutions is proud of the A+ rating we have earned at the BBB.

You might get less money for your house

Due to purchasing your house ‘As Is’, this usually means the value of the house will go down. However, due to so many hidden costs of real estate agents, you will often find that cost-free house investors are actually a better option as you roughly end up with the same amount of money as you’re not going through the usual paperwork process.

When you sell directly to an investor, you have a guaranteed price and a guaranteed closing date. How much is that worth?

4 things every house seller should know

There are some things a real estate agent won’t tell you.

House viewings are a tiring process

Apart from keeping your house clean at all times, pet-owners will also have to keep an eye on their animals – or better yet, keep them away from the house during a viewing. You really don’t want your dog to run crazy around the house as your potential buyers are looking around. Warning: there will be a lot of time wasters.

Get help when you need to.

Everyone thinks they are able to sell the house by themselves. But are you really? Do you know the best ways to put your house on the market? Are you familiar with the tricks of the trade and know the real estate lingo inside out? Do you know how to sell my house online? If yes, good for you. If no, don’t worry – our blog is a fantastic resource with plenty of valuable real estate information that will help you make a right decision. And remember that you always have the option of calling UHS because we buy houses cash.

You can sell your house in just 4 days!

With Upward Home Solutions, your house can be sold in 4 days if necessary. We buy houses. Got repairs? Doesn’t matter. We buy houses for cash as-is!

We’ve seen it all

Please don’t be embarrassed about the condition of your house. We have seen it all! When Tim comes to look at your property, he’s not looking at your stuff – I promise. We’ve helped people who have inherited properties, are landlords with difficult tenants, even hoarding situations. Upward Home Solutions will buy houses cash, especially ugly ones!

buy houses cash
We buy houses cash!

Call Us Today because we buy houses cash.

Give us a call at 614-705-0866 or fill out our form – you will hear back from us with a cash offer in less than a day and you can close it whenever you want. Your house can be sold tomorrow, in a week or even in a few months – it’s up to you. UHS will buy houses cash.

We’re also here to answer any questions you might have on the house selling process, avoiding foreclosure, selling your house with tenants still in it and much much more. Give us a call at 614-705-0866 for a quick house sale.

Delaware Renovation – Wow!

We’ve wanted to do a renovation in Delaware for a long time. So when this house in a sweet north Delaware neighborhood was available, we snatched it up!

All of the streets in this Delaware neighborhood have names that honor the legacy of Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th President of the US, and Delaware native. This house is located on Senate Ave. Other streets in the neighborhood are Executive, Presidential, and Federal. The neighborhood is known as “Hayes Colony.” Many homes in this area are undergoing renovation.

Delaware is a small city located about 15 miles north of Columbus, making it an easy commute for professionals. It has excellent schools, parks, and libraries, and a low crime rate. The downtown area is filled with shops and restaurants.

downtown Delaware, OH

The House on Senate Ave.

Built in 1985, this three bedroom, three bathroom house is perfect for a young family. Set on a quiet tree-lined street, the two-car garage has plenty of room for bikes. There’s a big backyard and a front porch for waving to the parade of neighbors walking their dogs. Now that the renovation is complete, this house is ready for the next generation.

Here are before and after pictures of the front of the house:

Simple changes like updating the front door can make a huge difference during a renovation. We loved the weeping cherry tree in the front yard and it looks gorgeous now that spring is here and we can see the pink blooms.


This is one of our most dramatic kitchen renovation. The existing cabinets were dark, giving the kitchen a cave-like feeling. We aren’t sure why the backsplash was painted teal, but that didn’t make things any less dreary. The large tiles on the floor were probably original from 35 years ago. It was time to make some changes.

We installed all brand-new stainless steel appliances and white cabinets. Throughout the house, we tore up the old flooring and replaced it with light grey wood floors. These make the house feel open and bright. The backsplash is now modern tile. During the renovation, we moved the refrigerator to another wall to create more counter space. The new island offers both counter space and a spot to serve snacks to hungry kids.

What kind of bar stools would you use here? Oh, and did you see the lights? Aren’t they amazing? This renovation is stunning.


There are two full bathrooms and one half bath in the Delaware house. All of them were in bad shape. The time had come for a complete renovation.

In the master bathroom the toilet was unusable (sealed with duct tape), tile floors were broken, and the bathtub was disgusting. The cabinets were probably the same ones that were installed when the house was built in 1985.

For the master bathroom, we added a second sink where there was only one before. If there’s one thing we have learned – it’s that couples like to have their own sinks! The light grey wood floors continue through the bathroom. We replaced all of the fixtures and used a light grey cabinet with a marble top during the renovation. We moved the toilet a bit to the left. It’s these little details that make all the difference.

Another bathroom was in a similar sorry state, desperately in need of renovation. Again, the fixtures had to be replaced. The flooring was removed. Basically, we took everything out and started over.

The Backyard

Check out the spacious deck on the house:

There’s room for a grill, a table and chairs, and a colorful umbrella. Where’s my mojito? The deck made the renovation feel complete.

The backyard is huge with mature trees and a fence.

What would you add to this yard? A dog or two? Or perhaps a swing set or a trampoline? Or maybe a big raised garden filled with tomatoes and pumpkins?

So much more

There’s a finished basement for a Man Cave or movie theater or workout room. The open floor plan on the first floor is perfect for entertaining. There’s even a fireplace for cozy winter evenings. We included many sweet details in this renovation to make it modern and homey.

Before you fall in love with the Delaware house…

It’s under contract. The house was on the market for ONE DAY. One day, my friends. That’s how awesome the renovation is.

Upward Home Solutions is committed to revitalizing neighborhoods, one house at a time. This house on Senate Ave. in Delaware, OH, was in need of renovation. It had good bones in a great neighborhood, but it needed to be transformed into a home for the next generation.

The team at UHS has the skills, experience, and eye for design to do this kind of work. It’s not cheap or easy to renovate a home like this.

How Did We Find This Renovation?

People ask us all the time how we find the properties for renovation. Have you ever wondered how to sell a house without a realtor? Maybe you have been curious about companies that pay cash for homes.

There are lots of reasons why people might want to sell directly to a we buy houses company. Perhaps they want a quick house sale because they are moving for a new job. Others want to sell my house online because they want a fast house sale without the hassles of showings and negotiations.

When a house needs a lot of renovation, you might think I need to sell my house as is fast. Upward Home Solutions are cash buyers.

Upward Home Solutions

Upward Home Solutions currently has several other homes under renovation. Stay tuned for updates.

We are always looking for the next flip and renovation. If you have a home that you are interested in selling, we would love to talk to you. Please call Upward Home Solutions at 614-548-8178 to talk about how selling to UHS is simple and hassle-free.

We have a generous referral program. People who help us find our next flip will get $100 for their effort. If you know an abandoned house in your neighborhood or want to help an elderly couple who are ready to downsize, we’d love to talk to you too.

If you hear someone say, “I need cash for my house” or “I need to sell my house fast,” please send them our way. Renovation is our specialty. Call 614-548-8178 and talk to Amy. All we need is an address. We can take it from there.

Another option for telling us about a house that needs renovation, is to fill out our simple online form. We only need a little information, but if we buy the house for renovation, we will contact you about your finder’s fee.

The info box

At the Delaware renovation on Senate, we put an info box in the front yard to let the neighbors know what was going on. It’s a friendly neighborhood and we felt like we wanted to say hi. Plus, we know people are curious about the renovation.

Here’s our flyer for the info box at Senate:

Delaware renovation

Thanks for reading about the Delaware house on Senate and its renovation.

We hope you liked this peek inside. Upward Home Solutions is proud of the work we do to revitalize neighborhoods and help families find their forever home.

Selling A House During the Pandemic

If you’re wondering what is the best method for selling a house during the pandemic, Upward Home Solutions has a service to help you.

These are stressful and uncertain times. First and foremost, I’d like to extend our best to you and your family. Our top priority is promoting public health and safety. Together, we hope you are taking the necessary precautions along with us to stop the coronavirus in its tracks. 

selling a house during the pandemic of COVID 19

Unfortunately, the fear and fallout surrounding this pandemic are not confined even to our physical wellbeing. For many in our community, this situation is also a financial concern.

Many homeowners are realizing that finding a realtor and listing on the MLS has never been more difficult than it is right now.  When you list with a realtor, you are contracting with someone to help you sell your home. Upward Home Solutions works differently. We want to buy your home. We will give you cash for my house.

For homeowners, selling a house during the pandemic presents some unique problems. We buy your house.

Here’s some good news for homeowners:

Home prices remain strong despite a very volatile stock market. Equity in homes has never been higher. Selling real estate is still a viable option, despite it being difficult to find a realtor and go through that whole process for selling a house during the pandemic.

At Upward Home Solutions, we believe that now, more than ever, the first priority of any business should be to lift up its community. We understand the constraints that a tough market can put on a homeowner’s wallet. So if our services can help you with selling a house during the pandemic, we want to hear from you. 

selling a house during the pandemic is tough

What is the process of selling a house during the pandemic?

If you were counting on selling in the near future, you might be wondering how in the world to do that now. Many things have changed about selling a house during the pandemic.

Upward Home Solutions remains in a unique position to buy your home quickly. We can streamline the process and put cash in your hand when you really need it—no waiting on bank approvals or inspections. We’ll close on your timeline, in as little as a couple weeks. 

We are buying houses, and people are still selling a house during the pandemic. New procedures keep you and your family safe while eliminating stress and uncertainty.

Rental Properties

Many landlords have been watching the governmental developments. Those relying on rental property income for their own bills may have trouble with the moratorium on evictions. The laws seem to change weekly. It’s a headache keeping up with all the new rules.

We get it. Selling a house during the pandemic is a tricky situation.

If you are a landlord and you’re wondering about selling a house during the pandemic, UHS is in a position to purchase property regardless of occupancy or lease status. We will assume your risk and all that goes with it. 

How we are adjusting our services for selling a house during the pandemic:

As mentioned above, health and safety remain priority number one. Thankfully, UHS is able to limit and do away with the need for close proximity as we fight the spread of this virus. When selling a house during the pandemic, you will want to be extra careful.

If you’re curious about your options with UHS, we’ll get you on a phone call with Amy, who can answer any questions you have and outline our process in more detail to help you with selling a house during the pandemic.

greetings when selling a house during the pandemic

After a quick greeting with Tim at your appointment, don’t be offended when he keeps his distance. We’re being very cognizant of health protocol. Tim’s car will remain stocked with hand sanitizer and wipes, and you have our word that he won’t go on any appointments if he or anyone in his family is feeling unwell. Tim always wears a face mask to every appointment.

Tim will take photos and videos of your house so that we can assess value without sending anyone else to walk through your property. However, we are also offering two alternatives to in-person appointments.

  1. We can make “curb offers” where we don’t even have to come into the house. 
  2. Homeowners can leave keys for us in a lockbox and we can go through when no one else is there. 
Tim Smith

As always, meeting with Tim and getting an offer doesn’t mean you have to sell your house to us. We would never pressure you into doing something that isn’t right for you. Our business has always been based on trust. Meeting with Tim simply gives you one more option that you didn’t have before for selling a house during the pandemic.

If you need a fast house sale, we can finish the purchase of your house in less than a week.

Homeowners do not even have to show up in person to the closing. 

We use digital signatures for the contracts and for closing documents. Recently, Upward Home Solutions purchased a home from a man who lives in the Caribbean. We never met the homeowner in person. Nonetheless, we were able to use a notary in his home country, digital signatures, and a wire transfer for payment.

At the end of the day, selling a house from a remote location is always difficult. Selling a house during the pandemic is even harder. Fortunately, Upward Home Solutions is an expert in non-traditional sales.

We’re In This Together

Stay safe, stay strong. If there’s anything our business can do to help you, please let us know. Selling a house during the pandemic is a unique situation. Nonetheless, we have many ways to help.

We built Upward Home Solutions on a belief in community and on finding ways to serve ours. If we can help in your situation, please let us know.    

Amy is ready to answer your call. She will explain our process for selling a house during the pandemic.


The Team at Upward Home Solutions

More About Upward Home Solutions

Upward Home Solutions has been helping homeowners since 2005. We have bought hundreds of houses in Columbus, OH. If you want to sell my house fast, there’s no company with more experience and professionalism. UHS is Central Ohio’s #1 company for buying homes from people who are selling a house during the pandemic.

Maybe you have seen the “we buy houses” signs. That’s not us. Our business is built on relationships. Our best source of houses comes from referrals.

You can read reviews from happy clients.

Selling a house during the pandemic to Upward Home Solutions is safest way for people who want to sell my house online.

We specialize in difficult situations. Realtors are wonderful, but they aren’t right for everyone. When selling a house during the pandemic, selling to cash buyers like Upward Home Solutions may be your best option.

My situation is unique

We work with homeowners in unique situations everyday. Tim S is amazing when with working with families or couples who disagree on what should be done with the home.

UHS buys inherited houses that are in probate. We can help with the transition to senior care or a nursing home.

If you owe taxes or have liens, we can help. If your house is messy, you can take what you want and leave the rest. You can sell my house as is fast.

Upward Home Solutions can make selling a house during the pandemic less stressful, emotionally and financially.

Who Are We? Meet the UHS Team

The Upward Home Solutions Team

Upward Home Solutions has a team of professionals to help you with selling your home.

Owners Tim D. and Katie

Upward Home Solutions
Tim D and Katie

Tim and Katie are lifelong Buckeyes and high school sweethearts who are raising a family and running a small business in their hometown. Tim has a background in construction and worked for Apple for several years before starting Upward Home Solutions. Katie has an eye for interior design and oversees the accounting. Together, they are the Fixer-Upper-Power-Couple of Central Ohio. When they aren’t at the office, you can find Tim and Katie at the soccer field or hockey rink with their three kids.

Tim S.

Tim Smith

Sometimes it gets a bit confusing with two men named Tim at the top of our team! Tim S is our lovable guy who meets with sellers. He’s the one that will come to your house, sit down with you to answer your questions, and make an offer on your house. Tim has seen it all and his easy nature puts everyone at ease. When he’s not running all around town meeting with sellers, you can find Tim S. at Panera working on his laptop and enjoying a cup of coffee. The coffee is important because Tim S has two adorable toddlers at home.


Always energetic and friendly, Amy is likely the first person you will talk to when you call 614-705-0866. She does an amazing job answering the phones, even when she is out walking the dog or coaching her girl’s softball team. Amy will ask you some questions about your house and discuss the process with you. It’s hard to stump Amy, but if she doesn’t know the answer to your question, she will do some research and call you back. Her favorite part of the job is helping people and listening to their stories.


It’s Tyler’s job to make sure that every house closing happens on-time, as promised. When there are problems with a title, Tyler is on it. When the seller has questions about a wire transfer, Tyler has the answer. Outside the office, Tyler is an avid bodybuilder and fitness coach. His military work ethic and integrity are clear in everything he does.


Andy works mostly behind the scenes as our Operations Manager. He is the one in charge of scheduling and coordinating contractors who work on the rehabs. Andy’s laugh is infectious. If you’re lucky enough to meet Andy at a house we are remodeling, ask him to tell you about the time he tried to do tricks on an electric scooter while filing for permits in downtown Columbus.


Marlene was hired as office manager but her duties have grown beyond accounting to include marketing and social media. She wonders if it is time for a new job title such as Doyenne of Data, Comptroller of Creativity, or perhaps Executive Envisioneer. 

Here To Help You

The incredible team at Upward Home Solutions is here to help you sell your home. If you’ve ever wondered, “How can I sell my house quickly?” Or “How can I sell my house without a Realtor?” You’ve come to the right place. We are ready to give you answers and solve your problems.

We can show you how to sell your house quickly for cash. We buy all kinds of houses, even ugly ones! We are experts at probate and inherited houses.

And we even have a referral program for friends, neighbors, and real estate professionals. You can learn more about our referral program here.

Upward Home Solutions, your CASH buyer