Moving to a nursing home, selling a house?

It’s a big decision – selling a house and moving to a nursing home. This is a major life change for everyone in the family.

You may be wondering how to sell a house fast and simply. Perhaps you don’t want to make updates or clean out the house. A real estate agent might not be able to help you sell your home.

At Upward Home Solutions, we will buy your house for cash. We give you the certainty of a sale on the date of your choosing. You will know exactly how much money you will have after the sale. And you won’t have to pay any closing costs or real estate commissions.

Selling a house to move to a nursing home is a lot less stressful when you call Upward Home Solutions.

selling a house and moving to a nursing home

Reasons why you should consider selling a house when moving to a nursing home.

  • Nursing home care is expensive.
  • You have to sell the house to settle debts.
  • The house needs a lot of repairs or is full of stuff.
  • Family members live out of town.
  • There is no one to inherit the house or pay for its maintenance.
  • The housing market is strong, which means you may be able to get a better price now than in the uncertain future.
  • If you keep the house, you will still have to pay property taxes and HOA fees.

While social security, retirement savings, long-term care insurance, Medicaid, and other resources can help, many individuals who require long-term care find that they require additional funds to help cover the high costs of long-term care.

“Selling a Home to Pay for Senior Care” Family Assets

“I don’t know where to begin when selling a house for nursing home care.”

When a loved one moves into a nursing home and the family is considering selling the house, there are a lot of decisions to be made.

Once you have decided to sell, spend some time going through the contents of the house. Is there anything that your loved one will need while in senior care? Perhaps you want to save some pictures or knick-knacks. Now is the time to get these out of the house. Be sure to take all valuables out of the house.

Should I hire a real estate agent for selling the house when I move into a nursing home?

Real estate agents are wonderful for homeowners wanting to sell the traditional way, but they are not for everyone. Realtors will need you to make repairs and get the house ready for showings. They will want to bring potential buyers into the house. Once you have negotiated a price with buyers, there will be inspections, remediation requests, waiting on the loan to be approved, and more. If that sounds like a lot of work, it is!

There is another way.

You might be wondering – how do I sell my house fast without a realtor?

A lot of people don’t know that it is possible to sell my house online to cash buyers like Upward Home Solutions. Instead of helping you sell your home like a realtor, we BUY your house for cash. There are no showings to strangers, no inspections, no waiting on the bank.

When you sell your home to Upward Home Solutions, you will have peace of mind. You will know when the house will be sold, when the funds will be in your bank account, and exactly how much money you will get from the sale.

moving to a nursing home and selling a house

A Story With A Happy Ending


Amy is the first person you will talk to on the phone at Upward Home Solutions. She is a great listener and loves her job because it’s all about helping people. Amy can talk you through the process of selling a house when moving to a nursing home.

About a month ago, Amy got a call from John.

Here’s the story of how we helped Bonnie who wanted to sell her house while she was in a nursing home.


Joe cares about his neighborhood and checks in on his neighbors. Always looking out for others, Joe had noticed that Bonnie’s house was empty and, after asking around, learned that Bonnie had moved to a nursing home.


When he learned this, Joe talked to Bonnie at the nursing home. She told him that she didn’t know what to do with her house. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t be going back and it was full of a lot of stuff.

we buy houses as-is

Bonnie had mobility issues and her health wasn’t great. She had no idea how she would sell her house from the nursing home.

Fortunately, Joe knew about Upward Home Solutions and the unique service we can provide to people like Bonnie. He put us in touch with her.

Amy and Bonnie had lots of phone conversations. Bonnie had many questions about how our service works. She was skeptical. Could it really be that easy to sell a house in Columbus, Ohio? Gwen had seen “we buy houses” signs and she knew that some of them were shady characters. Bonnie wanted to know if she could sell as-is and if we would be able to do what we promised. Eventually, Bonnie was satisfied that Upward Home Solutions was an honest, local buyer. She agreed to let Tim take a look.


When you ask for a no-obligation, cash offer on your home, Tim will be the one to meet with you. Because Bonnie was in a nursing home, she wasn’t able to meet Tim at the house. Instead, Joe the neighbor met Tim there and showed him around. Tim looked at the foundation and the mechanicals. The next day, he presented Bonnie with a written cash offer for her home.

Our Wonderful Title Company

We’ve been working with the folks at PM Title for many years. They have helped us work through many complicated house closings. Because Bonnie wasn’t able to go to the office to complete the sale of her house, PM Title went to the nursing home. Bonnie was able to sign all of the documents in the comfort of her room. We wanted to make things as easy as possible for Bonnie. She is such a sweet woman. Everyone at Upward Home Solutions has fallen in love with her.

The proceeds from the sale of the house were wired into Gwen’s bank account on the same day.

UHS helps people when selling a house to move into a nursing home.

We’re used to all kinds of situations. Whether it’s back taxes or living out of state or difficulty with relatives, we’ve got solutions. Our team have acted as a mediator between family members who are unable to come to an agreement. We have paid lawyer fees, talked to government officials, even paid for things out of pocket.

It’s not just about houses. This is about people.

Read our reviews

when moving to a nursing home, consider selling a house to UHS

We have helped hundreds of Central Ohio homeowners sell their house for cash. We have earned the A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and 5 stars on Google.

sell you house for cash

Be Like Joe

Maybe you know of an overgrown house in the neighborhood. It’s looking shabby, ugly, worn down, or dumpy. Or you had a conversation with a friend and they said, “I’m thinking of finding someone who will pay me cash for my house.”

We are looking for people who want to partner with us in our mission to revitalize neighborhoods, one house at a time.

UHS has a generous referral program. Find out more on our Referral Program FAQ Page.

if you know someone interested in selling a house when moving to a nursing home, please send them our way.

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Clintonville Rehab: We Buy Your House

The Clintonville neighborhood is one of the most desirable spots in Columbus. Nestled between the OSU campus and the upscale suburb of Worthington, Clintonville has all the amenities of the city amid the charm of quaint neighborhoods and treelined streets. When you are looking for a “we buy your house” company, Upward Home Solutions should be your first call.

Attractions in the Clintonville area include the Whetstone Park of Roses, the Clintonville Farmer’s Market, and the Ohio School for the Deaf and the Ohio State School for the Blind. There are many neighborhood parks, and the area is well served by the COTA bus transit system.

Like other real estate investors, we buy your house for cash. We then invest the time and money to renovate the house and lift neighborhoods.

If you have ever wondered how to get cash for my house or how to sell my house cash, read on.

The House on Weisheimer

When Upward Home Solutions purchased the house on the corner of Weisheimer and Indianola, it was in bad shape. The house had been long neglected by bad tenants. If you have a house like this one, we would like to talk to you. We are cash buyers, and we buy your house as-is.

teal walls… wow.

Upward Home Solutions got to work right away, cleaning out the house and removing the old flooring. We took out walls to give the place a more open layout.

teal curtains in this room

Upward Home Solutions knew that the house had a lot of potential, but would need a complete overhaul. That’s OK. We like to buy houses for cash that are old, dumpy, abandoned, or tired.

The Facts and Features

The house on Weisheimer was built in 1951. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms with a total of 1710 square feet. However, this living area does not include the full finished basement. It is situated on a large corner lot with a big, fenced backyard and a deck. There is also a detached garage.

Here’s what our Realtor has to say about it:

Brand new inside and out! Fantastic corner lot will be noticed when you pull up! Warm greeting as you enter the home. Lots of natural light shining throughout! Family room features new flooring, fireplace. Open layout to dining area and kitchen. All new stainless steel appliances, gorgeous cabinets and subway tile backsplash. Access the deck here, makes entertaining easy! Master has new en-suite with a tub/shower combo. Very relaxing colors! 2 additional bedrooms and a full bath. Newly finished rec room is located in the basement. Plenty of space for a man cave, play room, workout area! Space for storage with shelving, also can add additional square footage if so desired. Great yard. Detached garage. Easy access to major interstates, delicious restaurants and shopping!


The yard in front of the house was overgrown when UHS purchased the property and we built a small front porch.

we buy your house

One of the most satisfying transformations was in the bathroom. The “Mamie Pink” tile was original from when the house was built in 1951. We know when we see pink tile or fixtures in a bathroom that it is overdue for a facelift. Remember, we will buy your house even if it needs updates.

We used a neutral grey color template to make the space large and bright. Isn’t that tile around the bathtub gorgeous?!

The Kitchen

We didn’t get any “before” pictures of the kitchen, but it was a mess. Imagine old wood cabinets with missing doors, carpet on the floor, mismatched and broken appliances, and missing countertop. Everything had to be removed. We will buy your house even if it needs to be completely gutted.

After the renovation, the kitchen is now open and bright with all new stainless-steel appliances. Check out all the cabinet space and counter area.

Clintonville kitchen

You can see a bit of the garage from the kitchen window and look out to the backyard while washing the dishes.

The Living Room

All new hardwood floors, crisp white trim, and a light grey color on the walls completely transform this space. On a cold winter evening, this room will be the perfect place to cuddle in front of the fireplace.

In the picture below, you get a peek into the kitchen and dining area. The house is so much more open and friendly now.

Act Fast, This Home Will Be Gone Soon

The house on Weisheimer went on the market this past weekend. We expect it will be under contract very soon. Already we have heard that people love the location, layout, and amenities.

Other Renovations by Upward

If you enjoyed reading about this flip by Upward Home Solutions, you may enjoy our other blog posts about other homes we have remodeled. We will buy your house in any neighborhood in Central Ohio.

You can also see the latest pictures of our projects by following the UHS Facebook Page. Remember, I buy houses cash.

UHS Has Solutions for You

Whether you are looking to downsize, get rid of a rental property, or sell a house you have inherited, Upward Home Solutions is the quickest, easiest way to sell a house in Central Ohio. We buy your house for cash.

Our simple, 3 Step Process takes the uncertainty and hassle out of selling a house. For a quick house sale, follow these steps.

  1. Call Amy at 614-705-0866 today.
  2. Meet with Tim (or do a virtual walk-through) and get your CASH offer.
  3. Our team will set up a closing at a title company.

Remember that UHS will schedule a closing on your timeline. We can close in as quickly as a week, or you can schedule for several months in the future. You decide. You can attend the closing or sign all the documents digitally. Get a check the day of the sale or have the money wired to your bank account. We buy your house and walk you through every step. When you need to sell my house Columbus, OH, talk to UHS first.

Know Someone With A House To Sell?

We have an awesome referral program where we will pay you for helping us find houses. UHS is especially looking for old, ugly, abandoned, dumpy houses. We like to do the updates ourselves. We buy houses across Central Ohio in all conditions. We will buy your house too!

If you know a house that needs TLC, you can fill out an online submission form here. Give us as much info as you know and we will take it from there. If we purchase the house, we will give you cash for helping us out. We will buy your house or one in your neighborhood. Thanks!

We buy your house or any in your neighborhood.
We love referrals.

Downsizing In Columbus / Central Ohio

You have decided that downsizing from your current house into one that better fits your needs is a good idea. Perhaps your kids have grown up and you don’t need a big house in an expensive school district. Or maybe you are joining the “tiny house” crowd and exchanging stuff for memories. We also hear from a lot of people who are downsizing to move into a condo or assisted senior care facility.

No matter your situation, the easiest way to sell a house in Columbus is with Upward Home Solutions. We buy houses with cash. On your timeline. And we can help sell my house as is fast. We are downsizing specialists.

Upward Home Solutions, your CASH buyer

Signs You Are Ready for Downsizing

  1. There are rooms in your house that you aren’t using.
  2. You need a home with fewer steps.
  3. Your home needs maintenance (plumbing, electrical, updates), but you don’t have the time, money, or energy to do it.
  4. You want to spend more time traveling or being with family.
  5. Yard work is hard for you.
  6. Your retirement savings will go farther with a smaller mortgage and property tax payments.
  7. You find yourself wondering “How can I get cash for my house?

If you’re trying to sell your house quickly and move into a place that is easier for you to afford, you’ll want to consider downsizing. Downsizing your home in Columbus can be easier than you think and make the either process for selling your home much easier, not to mention it can help you save much more money than you would expect.

lots of steps
downsizing can make life more accessible

Start Now So You’re Ready for the Move

Decluttering your entire home can seem like a large undertaking; depending on the size of your home and your family, it really can be. Start small, as soon as you can, to begin the process of downsizing. Since you’re probably trying to sell my house fast, you don’t want to lose a great opportunity because you aren’t ready. Get rid the stuff you don’t want now so you aren’t stuck with it later.

To start, tackle small manageable areas like closets or cabinets. Save the bigger rooms for last. Just be sure not to move the stuff from the rooms into your newly cleaned closets and cabinets! Downsizing is about getting rid of stuff for a quick house sale.

Would you like to know a secret? Upward Home Solutions will buy your house even if it is full of stuff. Take what you want, leave the rest. This option isn’t for everyone, but we will work with you to make the downsizing transition as easy as possible. We buy houses as-is.

Time for downsizing
Time for downsizing.

Get The Materials You Need

Downsizing can be much easier if you have everything you need on hand right away. These things include:

  • Boxes or containers for trash, recycling and donations separated and labeled clearly.
  • A shredder for documents that you don’t want falling into the wrong hands.
  • Tape and markers to label properly.
  • A few fun storage containers so that you can organize what you decide to keep in a way that makes it easy to move quickly once you’re ready.

Build a Habit

It’s easy to get discouraged when downsizing; it can be a large job, especially if you’re going at it alone. See if you can get help from friends or family. Your family can help you decide what mementos are worth keeping. They might even be able to take some things to their homes!

Make the decision to do some work toward downsizing every day and make it fun with lively music. Consistently remove garbage and take donation items to Goodwill or Salvation Army so nothing piles up. The sooner you free up space, the more work it will look like you’ve done toward downsizing.

I was inspired to work on de-cluttering my own home after reading the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Whether you are downsizing, moving to senior care, or just trying to get your house organized, I highly recommend this book.

Be Realistic

When looking at an object you aren’t sure you want to keep, try to decide if this is something you have to have, can live without, or can be replaced. The first option usually includes things with sentimental value, like family heirlooms, or things that are necessities, like medications or your TV. There are always things you can replace. Some cheap simple items can be thrown away and replaced later at a small cost. If you can find it at a dollar store, you should toss it to help with the process of downsizing.

Don’t Have a “Maybe” Pile

It’s easy to make a pile for things you’ll keep and things you won’t. But we tend to waffle and squeeze things in the middle sometime, saying to ourselves, “Maybe I’ll keep it, maybe not… I’ll come back to it.” Our “maybe” piles tend to become the biggest ones. Be tough, strong, and always decide for sure. Downsizing should simplify your life. If you don’t need it, chances are you can live without it.

Next Steps

Once you have made the downsizing decision, you will want to find out what you house is worth. People who want to sell my house Columbus Ohio can feel confident that UHS is the cash for homes expert.

Your first call should be to Amy at Upward Home Solutions. 614-705-0866

Upward Home Solutions offers a friendly, no-obligation, CASH offer for your house. We buy houses for cash. With this offer in hand, you can think about what’s next for your downsizing plans.

Keep in mind that with UHS, you have peace of mind of knowing when the house is going to sell and for how much money. Some people will decide to list the house on the MLS with a Realtor, but this has a lot more risk, uncertainty, and will take more time. For a fast house sale, UHS has solutions for every unique situation, even downsizing.

time is money when downsizing

Downsize and Maximize Your Profit

A house is an investment, maybe the most important one you will ever make. If you have owned your house for a long time, you probably have a lot of equity. Or perhaps you have the house paid off. Homes appreciate in value over time, but they also have to be maintained. Downsizing allows you to move into a home that is better suited to your current needs.

Know When To Sell

The housing market in Columbus is strong, but no one knows how long the good times will last. If you are thinking about downsizing, now may be the right time to sell your house for cash to a local buyer. Remember, UHS won’t ask you to make any repairs or updates to your home. We prefer to do that work ourselves. You won’t be asked to use any of your cash or equity when you are downsizing.

The number you receive from Tim in our written offer is the amount you will get at closing. We pay a cash offer on house closing costs. And remember that a real estate agent will charge you a fee from your profit when you sell the house.

If you have ever wondered how to sell my house cash or sell my house online, read on.

Upward Home Solutions can help.

Upward Home Solutions is different. We don’t want to help you sell your house, we buy your house.

Amy is ready to take your call. She will answer all of your questions about downsizing and you’ll have an offer on your house faster than you ever thought possible. Our offer comes with no strings attached. If you don’t like our number, you don’t have to take it. It’s that simple.

Call 614-705-0866 or fill out the easy form on our homepage.

Your downsizing project just got a whole lot easier once you find cash buyers like Upward Home Solutions.

Resources on downsizing:

How to Sell a Home You Inherited

inherited house

You have options when selling an inherited house

If you’ve inherited a home in a will or from a family member, you may not want to keep it. It may be too much for your to maintain, contain bad memories, or be in a location you cannot visit regularly. In this case, the best thing for you to do would be to sell the inherited house before it falls into disarray.

Have you seen the “we buy houses” signs? Upward Home Solutions doesn’t do that kind of marketing because we know that we need to earn your trust. We buy your house, and we offer many solutions for a fast house sale. We are inherited house experts.

Can I sell a house that is “in probate?”

Yes. Upward Home Solutions will work with you and with the probate process to create a seamless transaction for an inherited house. Even if the estate is being held up by a judge, we can often get things moving again. In fact, selling the house can often make the probate process go more quickly.

Time Equals Money.

How much time do you want to waste? How much money are you willing to spend?

While it’s true that you may get more money if you clean out the inherited house, fix it up, hire a real estate agent, and go through the uncertainty of selling on the retail market, there is no guarantee. You don’t have control of the timeline of the sale. Clean-up can be costly, especially if there is a lot of stuff in the inherited house. Repairs to bathrooms and kitchens can run in excess of $10,000.

However, when you sell an inherited house to a cash buyer like Upward Home Solutions, you eliminate 100% of the risk. You know how much money you will get for the house. We will schedule a closing date with you. We can close in as quickly as two weeks or six months from now. And you know exactly how much you will pay out of pocket… $0!

Let’s imagine that you want to sell the “traditional” way. What does that look like?

Preparing for the Sale

If you decide to put the inherited house on the market, there are some steps you will need to take. These steps can apply to selling any home and some are specific to inherited homes.

  • Clean out the house of all of the original owner’s possessions. You may want to recruit other family members for this job in case they want to keep things. Even if you alone have inherited the home, you should check with your family before you sell or throw away items they may hold sentimental value for. There are things you may want to keep for yourself, get appraised and sell or just hold a yard sale or estate sale. Homes sell better when they are clean, empty or staged carefully. If the inherited home is cluttered, potential buyers may not find it attractive and may not be able to see their own lives fitted into the home. If you don’t want to clean out the inherited house, UHS will help you sell my house as is fast.
  • Wait for the estate to go through probate and research the probate process in your state.
  • Examine the will or intentions of the person who left you the home. If the property was left to one person or a Trust, that person or the trustee is responsible for handling all the transactions and taxes that come with the estate. If the home as been left to you and your siblings, for example, you should figure out which one of you has ultimate authority as it’s virtually impossible to agree on everything together. Usually the main inheritor will be outlined in the will.

Remember, all of these steps to prepare the house will take time and money. When you have inherited a home, it can be easier to find a company that will offer you cash for my house.

When you have inherited a house, you can sell directly to a cash buyer. Contact Upward Home Solutions for a no-obligation, cash offer today. We buy houses for cash “As-Is” so you do not need to clean or fix anything.

Price the Inherited Home

When pricing the inherited home you are trying to sell, be aware that you may not get that specific price in the end. More often than not, you negotiate and settle on a lower value. You shouldn’t set the price too high to compensate for this or you may discourage potential buyers.

Don’t forget that the price you settle on with the buyer might not be the money you receive for the inherited house. Many times, buyers will change their offer based on the inspection and appraisal. Your Realtor will also deduct fees from the contract price. The number will only go down, not up.

With Upward Home Solutions, you will never pay any fees or closing costs. We aren’t real estate agents, and we don’t charge a commission. You will know how much money you will receive at closing. We remove the uncertainty. We give you a cash offer on house closing costs.

Call Upward Home Solutions today 614-705-0866 or fill out the quick form on our homepage.

UHS is here for you

Upward Home Solutions is committed to revitalizing neighborhoods, one house at a time. We have the experience, time, and capital to turn a run-down or inherited house into a beautiful home. Just look at some of our recent renovations:

inherited house
inherited house ready for another 100 years
complete transformation

We offer solutions you can’t find anywhere else

Most people don’t know that there is an alternative to selling an inherited house with a real estate agent on the MLS. At Upward Home Solutions, we buy directly from homeowners, cutting out the middle-man (or woman). This means you get to keep more of the cash with less of the work.

For every month that you do not have to pay a mortgage, property takes, HOA fees, property insurance, you are SAVING MONEY.

We know people who have inherited a house and waited years to finally sell it. Perhaps they thought they would fix it up but never found the time or money. Or maybe they were overwhelmed with cleaning it out. Sometimes it can be tricky dealing with other family members. Upward Home Solutions can make the whole process easier. We know from experience that a cash offer and a contract in-hand can move things forward, even with reluctant relatives.

No-Obligation, Cash Offer

You have nothing to lose by giving us a call and getting a no-obligation cash offer on your inherited house. We will be happy to talk you through all of your options and walk you through the probate process. When dealing with the thorny issues of estates and inherited houses, it helps to have a professional on your side.

Call us today. Either Amy or Tim will answer the phone.


Our commitment to you

We know that we build trust by being honest, professional, and accountable to the Central Ohio community. When you have inherited a house, you have many options. We believe that UHS offers unique solutions for those that want to sell my house fast.

Please do your research on us.

Some links that might interest folks who have inherited a house are the following:

Tim and Amy are waiting to hear from you. 614-705-0866

I buy houses cash and sell my house cash may be some words that you would use to search for us. I’m glad you have found Upward Home Solutions for your inherited house.

We Buy Houses – UHS new video

Did you know Upward Home Solutions is the #1 WE BUY HOUSES company in Columbus? We have bought hundreds of houses in the past decade.

Our team is professional, caring, and honest. We buy houses in every neighborhood.

Upward Home Solutions is the simplest, safest way to sell a house in Columbus and Central Ohio. We buy houses in any condition. I buy houses cash because we are cash buyers.

The Team at UHS created a video to tell you a little more about the process. Click the PLAY button at the center of the image below to play the short video to learn more about how we buy houses.

we buy houses video

Behind the Scenes

The camera crew was great. They came to the office one day to get footage of our weekly meeting. So, we turned the cameras on them!

In this photo, they are filming Amy. (She was a little nervous, but you’d never know it!)

The film crew stayed for our team meeting so they could learn more about how we buy houses.

We buy houses team meeting

The video was filmed in early February, well before the pandemic and COVID-19. We aren’t meeting at the office for weekly meetings. Instead, we hang out on Zoom.

COVID-19 update

Upward Home Solutions is buying homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, we are the safest and simplest way to sell a house at this time. We follow all CDC and State of Ohio guidance regarding social distancing. We use technology for virtual signatures and wire transfers. We can help you sell my house online.

You can read about our response to COVID-19 here.

In case you don’t want to read the whole blog article, here’s the important info:

Home prices in the Columbus area remain strong. However, people are concerned about their safety during COVID-19. Upward Home Solutions is buying homes for cash, using no-touch transactions. We can connect with you via video, send documents electronically, and even complete the sale remotely. We buy houses, even during a pandemic.

You will have cash in your account more quickly than you ever imagined. This is a difficult time to be landlord or own a house you don’t want to take care of anymore. Call us today for a no-obligation offer.

We Buy Houses

Have you ever wondered how to get cash for my house or how to sell my house fast? UHS has solutions for every unique situation. We can do a fast house sale in one week.

If you want to sell my house as is fast, there is no one who will give you a better offer or better service. We give a cash offer on house closing costs.

Call Upward Home Solutions Today

Amy or Tim will answer your call and talk you through our simple we buy houses process. Our team of professionals will help you every step of the way.


Anyone wishing to sell my house Columbus needs to call UHS for a quick house sale.

Delaware Renovation – Wow!

We’ve wanted to do a renovation in Delaware for a long time. So when this house in a sweet north Delaware neighborhood was available, we snatched it up!

All of the streets in this Delaware neighborhood have names that honor the legacy of Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th President of the US, and Delaware native. This house is located on Senate Ave. Other streets in the neighborhood are Executive, Presidential, and Federal. The neighborhood is known as “Hayes Colony.” Many homes in this area are undergoing renovation.

Delaware is a small city located about 15 miles north of Columbus, making it an easy commute for professionals. It has excellent schools, parks, and libraries, and a low crime rate. The downtown area is filled with shops and restaurants.

downtown Delaware, OH

The House on Senate Ave.

Built in 1985, this three bedroom, three bathroom house is perfect for a young family. Set on a quiet tree-lined street, the two-car garage has plenty of room for bikes. There’s a big backyard and a front porch for waving to the parade of neighbors walking their dogs. Now that the renovation is complete, this house is ready for the next generation.

Here are before and after pictures of the front of the house:

Simple changes like updating the front door can make a huge difference during a renovation. We loved the weeping cherry tree in the front yard and it looks gorgeous now that spring is here and we can see the pink blooms.


This is one of our most dramatic kitchen renovation. The existing cabinets were dark, giving the kitchen a cave-like feeling. We aren’t sure why the backsplash was painted teal, but that didn’t make things any less dreary. The large tiles on the floor were probably original from 35 years ago. It was time to make some changes.

We installed all brand-new stainless steel appliances and white cabinets. Throughout the house, we tore up the old flooring and replaced it with light grey wood floors. These make the house feel open and bright. The backsplash is now modern tile. During the renovation, we moved the refrigerator to another wall to create more counter space. The new island offers both counter space and a spot to serve snacks to hungry kids.

What kind of bar stools would you use here? Oh, and did you see the lights? Aren’t they amazing? This renovation is stunning.


There are two full bathrooms and one half bath in the Delaware house. All of them were in bad shape. The time had come for a complete renovation.

In the master bathroom the toilet was unusable (sealed with duct tape), tile floors were broken, and the bathtub was disgusting. The cabinets were probably the same ones that were installed when the house was built in 1985.

For the master bathroom, we added a second sink where there was only one before. If there’s one thing we have learned – it’s that couples like to have their own sinks! The light grey wood floors continue through the bathroom. We replaced all of the fixtures and used a light grey cabinet with a marble top during the renovation. We moved the toilet a bit to the left. It’s these little details that make all the difference.

Another bathroom was in a similar sorry state, desperately in need of renovation. Again, the fixtures had to be replaced. The flooring was removed. Basically, we took everything out and started over.

The Backyard

Check out the spacious deck on the house:

There’s room for a grill, a table and chairs, and a colorful umbrella. Where’s my mojito? The deck made the renovation feel complete.

The backyard is huge with mature trees and a fence.

What would you add to this yard? A dog or two? Or perhaps a swing set or a trampoline? Or maybe a big raised garden filled with tomatoes and pumpkins?

So much more

There’s a finished basement for a Man Cave or movie theater or workout room. The open floor plan on the first floor is perfect for entertaining. There’s even a fireplace for cozy winter evenings. We included many sweet details in this renovation to make it modern and homey.

Before you fall in love with the Delaware house…

It’s under contract. The house was on the market for ONE DAY. One day, my friends. That’s how awesome the renovation is.

Upward Home Solutions is committed to revitalizing neighborhoods, one house at a time. This house on Senate Ave. in Delaware, OH, was in need of renovation. It had good bones in a great neighborhood, but it needed to be transformed into a home for the next generation.

The team at UHS has the skills, experience, and eye for design to do this kind of work. It’s not cheap or easy to renovate a home like this.

How Did We Find This Renovation?

People ask us all the time how we find the properties for renovation. Have you ever wondered how to sell a house without a realtor? Maybe you have been curious about companies that pay cash for homes.

There are lots of reasons why people might want to sell directly to a we buy houses company. Perhaps they want a quick house sale because they are moving for a new job. Others want to sell my house online because they want a fast house sale without the hassles of showings and negotiations.

When a house needs a lot of renovation, you might think I need to sell my house as is fast. Upward Home Solutions are cash buyers.

Upward Home Solutions

Upward Home Solutions currently has several other homes under renovation. Stay tuned for updates.

We are always looking for the next flip and renovation. If you have a home that you are interested in selling, we would love to talk to you. Please call Upward Home Solutions at 614-548-8178 to talk about how selling to UHS is simple and hassle-free.

We have a generous referral program. People who help us find our next flip will get $100 for their effort. If you know an abandoned house in your neighborhood or want to help an elderly couple who are ready to downsize, we’d love to talk to you too.

If you hear someone say, “I need cash for my house” or “I need to sell my house fast,” please send them our way. Renovation is our specialty. Call 614-548-8178 and talk to Amy. All we need is an address. We can take it from there.

Another option for telling us about a house that needs renovation, is to fill out our simple online form. We only need a little information, but if we buy the house for renovation, we will contact you about your finder’s fee.

The info box

At the Delaware renovation on Senate, we put an info box in the front yard to let the neighbors know what was going on. It’s a friendly neighborhood and we felt like we wanted to say hi. Plus, we know people are curious about the renovation.

Here’s our flyer for the info box at Senate:

Delaware renovation

Thanks for reading about the Delaware house on Senate and its renovation.

We hope you liked this peek inside. Upward Home Solutions is proud of the work we do to revitalize neighborhoods and help families find their forever home.

Before and After: Hilliard Bought As-Is

Upward Home Solutions is proud of our recent renovation, a home in Hilliard sold to us as-is. The owner needed a quick house sale and UHS was able to provide that service to them.

This Bi-Level home in Hilliard, Ohio, has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It has a large lot in a sweet neighborhood. The house was built in 1989, but it was in serious need of updates. UHS purchased it in as-is condition.

Actually, it looked a lot like the house I lived in as a kid in the 90’s. I think we had those same basic shutters and vanilla exterior paint.

Purchased in As-Is Condition

Here’s a picture of the front when we purchased it as-is.

as-is house in Hilliard

And after, from the same angle:

The transformation is amazing! After all of the work, it doesn’t look like the same house. Here’s a better view of the front:

We love the new shutters. Look closely. They are really neat.

Did you know that a red front door is good Feng Shui?

As a I write this, everyone in Ohio is being asked to stay home during the pandemic. So let’s take a photo tour of the inside.


Before the renovation, here’s what the as-is kitchen looked like:

And turning to the left, it looked like this:

But now it looks like this!

Do you see that gorgeous grey tile and new cabinets? I want those stainless steel appliances!

The kitchen is now full of light and space. And that chandelier is ah-mazing!

Let’s take a twirl around and see the rest of the main floor. The kitchen is open to the living room.

Living Room

Here’s a photo from before when we purchased the house as-is with purple curtains:

And now:

The french doors open onto the deck (pictures below) overlooking the big backyard. Don’t you love the wood floors?!

Here’s a view of the main floor, looking toward the kitchen and front door.

When this pandemic is over, the new homeowner will be ready for a big housewarming party!

The Deck

Here’s that huge deck from the outside, looking back those french doors:

I have visions of a round patio table with chairs, a big shade umbrella, and a grill. Maybe a dog or two running in the yard. When we purchased the house as-is, the backyard was horrible. But now, the house is awesome!


Next, let’s peek into one of the bedrooms. This photo really shows the as-is condition. The seller left all kinds of stuff in the house, but that’s OK. We’ve seen lots worse on an as-is home. Before:

Now it is bright and comfortable:

The team at Upward Home Solutions did an incredible job updating this home. It feels so clean, modern, and welcoming. Most of all, I love the colors, the natural light, and the fixtures.


The bathrooms were in rough AS-IS shape before:

But now look great:

Already Sold!

But before you get too attached to this house and want to buy it for yourself, I have to tell you that it’s already in contract. It was only on the market for NINE days. And it sold this quickly, in spite of the fears over COVID-19.

A big thanks to our Realtor Zach Cantrell for helping us find a buyer. Pictures and staging are by our friends at 3 Element Designs. For more renovation photos, check out the Delaware Renovation and Clintonville Rehab.

Thanks for taking the visual tour with me.

Stay tuned for the next renovation by Upward Home Solutions.

UHS needs your help to find as-is houses.

We buy houses in any condition, any neighborhood in Central Ohio. When someone wants to sell my house fast, we are the #1 cash buyers in Columbus, OH. We buy houses for cash and will give you a cash offer on house closing costs, even if your house is ugly. We buy houses as-is.

If you know of a house in your neighborhood that has an overgrown lawn, looks vacant, or the homeowner lives out of town, we would like to buy that house as-is. Additionally, we have an awesome referral program and if we purchase the house, we will give you a generous referral fee.

What does As-Is mean?

As-is means that the house is sold without any repairs or updates. The homeowner wants a fast house sale without the hassles of inspections and remediation. In the case of this as-is home, it had not been updated in many years. Other as-is properties might have a lot of stuff inside the house. That’s OK. No matter what, the homeowner can take what they want and leave the rest. We have even bought properties that have tenants living in them. Upward Home Solutions buys lots of houses in as-is condition.

Folks moving into assisted living, senior care, or a nursing home really like our service of buying houses as-is. This makes the transition much easier for them and their loved ones.

Reviews from Happy Homeowners

We ❤️ Reviews

Homeowners who have sold their houses to Upward Home Solutions speak for themselves.

We are your local company, buying direct from homeowners across Central Ohio.

“I received a letter about buying my home. Despite being a bit skeptical at first, I was more than thrilled with everyone on their team when I ended up selling to them. They did what they said they would do, were honest, professional, and friendly. If you’re looking to sell your home with no hassles, give them a call!” -Mary O

Our team is professional.

“These guys are the best! Tim is extremely hard worker and would go beyond expectations to satisfy a client! You can trust this company 100 percent to buy or sell your house!” -Alex S

We help you every step of the way with friendly communication. We have experience dealing with every selling situation: probate, foreclosure, liens, divorce, etc.

“Tim and his team exceeded my expectations. I never imagined selling our property could be so easy. Tim was extremely knowledgable and went above and beyond to ensure that our needs were met. He worked efficiently and had great communication throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend Upward Home Solutions.” -Lauren O

It’s OK to be skeptical. We will give you time and make you feel comfortable with the process.

We will give you a cash offer on your house, in any condition.

“Tim Smith was a pleasure to work with. There was no high pressure and he worked with me to make our agreement work for both of us.” -Blanche O

Selling a house is easy with Upward Home Solutions.

David was glad he called UHS

Before you talk to a Realtor, call us. We will be honest with you. If you can get more selling the traditional way, we will let you know.

“The team at Upward Home Solutions was great. They were willing to help and explain every thing along the way. I wish I would have worked with Tim and his team before I wasted a month thinking I could get the house sold on my own. We closed on time and the whole process was really enjoyable.” -Anderson

Within 24 hours, you could have a cash offer on your kitchen table.

“It was really a great experience doing business with Tim and his team, highly recommended.” -Ayman E

Who Do You Call When You Want To Sell A House Fast?

“Great experience working with this company!! Definitely recommend them!” -Keisha C.

Do your “home”work, then give us a call with your questions. We’ve got you!

“These guys are on top of it! Katie & Tim’s team helped us get thru a tough issue recently. We are so grateful that we contacted them and highly recommend working with them.” -Ramirez Family

Upward changes lives. We buy inherited houses, even with liens.

Have you ever asked one of the following questions?

  • How do I get cash for my house?
  • Who will buy my house fast?
  • How can I sell my house fast?
  • Who are cash home buyers?

Upward Home Solutions has answers when you need to sell your home fast. Cruise our blog for more info.

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We also have a generous referral program. Help us find our next property and we will give you $100.

Revitalizing Neighborhoods, One House At A Time

Revitalizing Neighborhoods, One House At A Time

Upward Home Solutions is committed to revitalizing neighborhoods, one house at a time. We believe that communities are lifted up through investment. One way we help people is by buying houses that have fallen into disrepair. We invest our time and money into fixing them up and finding a new family to make memories in the home. Our renovations increase the value of the house, allowing money to flow back into schools, supporting city infrastructure, and funding libraries through property taxes.

Upward Home Solutions is proud of our most recent project.

This home in Westerville was owned by an elderly couple who had lived in the house for nearly 40 years. They were ready to downsize. Because the house had not been updated in a long time, the homeowners did not want to spend the money or take the time to fix things up.

A real estate agent suggested that they would need to spend at least $30,000 to renovate the kitchen and bathrooms. If that wasn’t enough, there would be a lengthy process of going through years of accumulated stuff, placing extra furniture in a storage unit, and staging the house for showings. None of this seemed like a good idea to the couple who were ready to move on with the next phase of their lives. They were ready to sell their house to a local buyer without listing with a realtor.

Upward Home Solutions was able to offer the homeowner a fair deal, and we closed without any additional stress.


The house included a lot of dark wood features, including oak cabinets. The bathroom included “French Country” glazed cabinets from the 1980s.


Upward Home Solutions invested money and time to turn this fifty year old house into a home for the 21st century family.

We gave it a brand new look.

Notice how amazing the kitchen looks with new white cabinets, hardwood floors, and stainless steel appliances.

Sell My House

The next time you hear someone say, “I need to sell my house quickly for cash,” be sure to tell them about Upward Home Solutions.

Remember, we have a sweet referral program.

We Love Referrals – And We Pay You For Them!

Upward Home Solutions has a referral program!

We pay you for leads.

Upward Home Solutions is looking for people who want to partner with us in our mission of strengthening communities, one house at a time.

It’s easy to submit a lead. Click here to get started.

Have you ever wondered where the Fixer Upper power couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines, find the houses for their business? They have a network of people who are constantly searching for their next flip. It has to be the right house – good bones, lots of potential, and purchased for a decent price.

Tim and Katie

Tim and Katie, the fixer-upper power-couple in Central Ohio, are looking for their next renovation, and they need your help.

**Perhaps you know of a house in your neighborhood that is vacant. The windows are always dark, no one shovels the sidewalk in the winter or mows the grass in the summer. You don’t remember how long it’s been since you’ve seen a car in the driveway.

**Maybe you have an uncle who is retired. He lives alone and hasn’t done much to the house since he bought it 30 years ago. There is wallpaper in the hall and a pink sink in the bathroom. Your uncle has been talking about how nice it would be to buy a condo in Florida and be a beach bum, but something is holding him back.

**Or you have a friend who owns a rental house. At girl’s night out, she was talking about how hard it is to find a good tenant. Her husband hates spending weekends doing handyman jobs at the rental. Although they like the income, they have a kid going to college soon, and she complains about how she doesn’t like being a landlord.

Do you know anyone like this?

Have you ever heard someone say “how do I sell my house quickly for cash?”

Read about an elderly couple who were ready to move on and the amazing transformation of their house.

We pay for referrals.

Many of our favorite properties have been found by our network of friends, Realtors, and through social media.

How It Works

1. Send Us The Info

You give us as much info as you know about the house. At a minimum, we need a property address. If you know the name, phone number, and/or email address for the owner, that’s even better. Don’t worry if you don’t have contact information for the owner. We can figure that out.

Email information to

Call us at 614-705-0866

Submit the information on this form.

Be sure to include your contact information because we will tag the lead with your name. We want to be sure to thank you!

2. We will take it from here.

Either Amy or Tim from the Upward Home Solutions Team will contact the homeowner. If the homeowner is interested in selling, we will set up an appointment to visit the house and make an offer.

3. If they accept the offer, Upward Home Solutions will give you $100.

You will have your choice of a Cameron Mitchell gift card, an Amazon gift card, or cash. We will get in touch with you and ask you how you would like to receive your gift.

It’s that easy! One email or phone call is all it takes to get the process started.

Questions? Check out the blog post “Referral Program FAQ.”

When you need to sell a house for cash, fast… call Upward Home Solutions. Interested in learning about how to sell a house quickly? Check out the blog post “Upward Home Solutions: Your Local Buyer.”