Reputable Home Buyers: 7 Questions to Ask

7 essential questions (final)

When it’s time to sell your house, you want the most money and the least amount of stress, right? That only comes when cash buyers have a transparent online presence, plenty of reviews, and a history of ethical business practices. The thing to remember is that reputable home buyers don’t need to trick you. So if it feels weird or too good to be true, it probably is.

And some folks are downright sneaky.

Reputable Home Buyers Don’t Do This…

I received an email yesterday from a “Kathy” who said that joy of joys, I had a “pending offer for the sale of my house.” Well, this was wonderful news! Slight issue though: not only was my house not for sale but I’d never heard of Kathy or her company.

Curious, I clicked on a link in the email that said, “review offers.” Immediately, I was prompted to enter increasingly personal information on a dropdown menu.

The final prompt asked for my email address to “receive my offer.”

That’s when I noticed the fine print.

“By clicking the button above, you acknowledge, consent and agree to the following … You are providing express written consent for (name of company redacted) to share your information with up to four (4) of its premier partners and for (company) partners calling on behalf of (company) or authorized third parties on their behalf to contact you… about financial services or other credit related offers….”

(Bolded emphasis mine.)

How rude! Kathy had no intention of buying my house or any house for that matter. Cheap stunts like this exist to gather your information and sell it to people who will call, text, and email you to sign up for credit cards, trips to Aruba, and other random scams.

We Buy Houses

You’ve probably seen the “we buy houses” signs or heard of the cavemen looking for ugly houses. That’s not us. We would never use illegal signs on telephone poles or advertising gimmicks. In fact, most of our business comes from word of mouth. People love our services for a quick house sale and they tell their friends.

The Road to Finding Reputable Home Buyers

Upward Home Solutions, the reputable home buyers.

Be a Savvy Home Seller

This is where finding, vetting, and working with reputable home buyers like Upward Home Solutions makes all the difference. For example, we only buy houses in Central Ohio. When you call us on the phone, you will reach either Tim or Amy directly. These are real folks who won’t give you some high-pressure sales pitch. In other words, if you tell us you’re not interested in selling your home for cash, all good. We take you off the list. Period.

And we would never sell your information to anyone. That’s so dishonest. We’re here to provide genuine housing solutions for our Columbus community. But please don’t take our word for it…

Do Your Research

7 Essential Questions to ask a buyer interested in your property.

1. Proof of Funds

Before you sign a contract, ask for “proof of funds.” Why is this important? If someone wants to buy your house, you need to make sure they have the money to buy it. Otherwise, the sale could be stalled or stopped because the buyer doesn’t have the money to buy the house.

Upward Home Solutions has money in the bank, ready to be used at any time. Unlike other buyers, we do not need to go to a bank to get financing. Remember that a bank will probably want inspections and appraisals. Don’t waste your time or money on a buyer that doesn’t have the funds in place.

We can show you that the money is available to purchase your house today. Don’t mess around with a company that won’t show proof of funds. We buy your house for cash… and we can prove it.

2. Ask for pictures of other projects.

Make sure that the person you are dealing with is a professional and that they have experience with direct home buying. The sale of a house is a complicated process with legal and financial obligations. You want someone who has experience and can lead you through the process. We have an entire team who will help with the different parts of the sale.

Upward Home Solutions has purchased hundreds of houses in the Columbus area. Would you like to see some before and after pictures? This is one of the coolest parts of our job. Here are some blog articles and a video about recent projects:

3. Check Website and Social Media Pages

Always visit a company’s website to see how a business presents itself. On ours, we provide tons of information and an extensive FAQ page for one simple reason: we want to make your move easy. Just ask Jo! ⤵️

Another way to weed out fly-by-night scam artists is to look at their social media. We make a point of staying active on Facebook, so feel free to poke around or reach out with any questions.

5. Ratings at Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is an excellent source of trusted information. To determine if you’re dealing with reputable cash buyers, check the company’s rating.

reputable home buyers

Upward Home Solutions, for example, has earned an A+ rating. That means that our business practices consistently meet the highest standards in 13 categories. Businesses cannot pay to get a higher Better Business Bureau rating. The reviews are verified customers.

Google is another great vetting resource. Be sure to read through the Google Reviews for any company you do business with. For instance, if a company has a three-star rating or just a couple of reviews, that should warrant hesitation.

6. Registered with the State of Ohio

You wouldn’t believe how many fly-by-night investors there are. Anyone can pose as a cash buyer, but are they really?

When you need to sell a house fast, you might not have time to look into every company. One quick way to check someone’s credentials is to look them up on the State of Ohio Business Registry Search. You will be able to see how long the company has been in business and how it is incorporated. Beware if the person you are dealing with is not on this list!

7. Testimonials

Upward Home Solutions is proud of its record with happy home owners. You can read testimonials about us and please watch the video below.

We partner with PM Title, a local title company for the majority of our closings. Their people go out of their way to make the transaction as simple as possible. In fact, they did a recent closing for us at a nursing home because the homeowner had mobility issues. It’s just one more way that we make selling a house easier.

UHS will gladly provide a list of references that you can call and talk to. We invite you to dig and do your research. We want you to feel comfortable with our company, our people, our process, and our services.

Upward Home Solutions Are Columbus, Ohio’s Most TRUSTED Cash Buyers

Upward Home Solutions' reputable home buyer, Tim Smith.
Tim Smith

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