Moving to a nursing home, selling a house?

It’s a big decision – selling a house and moving to a nursing home. This is a major life change for everyone in the family.

You may be wondering how to sell a house fast and simply. Perhaps you don’t want to make updates or clean out the house. A real estate agent might not be able to help you sell your home.

At Upward Home Solutions, we will buy your house for cash. We give you the certainty of a sale on the date of your choosing. You will know exactly how much money you will have after the sale. And you won’t have to pay any closing costs or real estate commissions.

Selling a house to move to a nursing home is a lot less stressful when you call Upward Home Solutions.

selling a house and moving to a nursing home

Reasons why you should consider selling a house when moving to a nursing home.

  • Nursing home care is expensive.
  • You have to sell the house to settle debts.
  • The house needs a lot of repairs or is full of stuff.
  • Family members live out of town.
  • There is no one to inherit the house or pay for its maintenance.
  • The housing market is strong, which means you may be able to get a better price now than in the uncertain future.
  • If you keep the house, you will still have to pay property taxes and HOA fees.

While social security, retirement savings, long-term care insurance, Medicaid, and other resources can help, many individuals who require long-term care find that they require additional funds to help cover the high costs of long-term care.

“Selling a Home to Pay for Senior Care” Family Assets

“I don’t know where to begin when selling a house for nursing home care.”

When a loved one moves into a nursing home and the family is considering selling the house, there are a lot of decisions to be made.

Once you have decided to sell, spend some time going through the contents of the house. Is there anything that your loved one will need while in senior care? Perhaps you want to save some pictures or knick-knacks. Now is the time to get these out of the house. Be sure to take all valuables out of the house.

Should I hire a real estate agent for selling the house when I move into a nursing home?

Real estate agents are wonderful for homeowners wanting to sell the traditional way, but they are not for everyone. Realtors will need you to make repairs and get the house ready for showings. They will want to bring potential buyers into the house. Once you have negotiated a price with buyers, there will be inspections, remediation requests, waiting on the loan to be approved, and more. If that sounds like a lot of work, it is!

There is another way.

You might be wondering – how do I sell my house fast without a realtor?

A lot of people don’t know that it is possible to sell my house online to cash buyers like Upward Home Solutions. Instead of helping you sell your home like a realtor, we BUY your house for cash. There are no showings to strangers, no inspections, no waiting on the bank.

When you sell your home to Upward Home Solutions, you will have peace of mind. You will know when the house will be sold, when the funds will be in your bank account, and exactly how much money you will get from the sale.

moving to a nursing home and selling a house

A Story With A Happy Ending


Amy is the first person you will talk to on the phone at Upward Home Solutions. She is a great listener and loves her job because it’s all about helping people. Amy can talk you through the process of selling a house when moving to a nursing home.

About a month ago, Amy got a call from John.

Here’s the story of how we helped Bonnie who wanted to sell her house while she was in a nursing home.


Joe cares about his neighborhood and checks in on his neighbors. Always looking out for others, Joe had noticed that Bonnie’s house was empty and, after asking around, learned that Bonnie had moved to a nursing home.


When he learned this, Joe talked to Bonnie at the nursing home. She told him that she didn’t know what to do with her house. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t be going back and it was full of a lot of stuff.

we buy houses as-is

Bonnie had mobility issues and her health wasn’t great. She had no idea how she would sell her house from the nursing home.

Fortunately, Joe knew about Upward Home Solutions and the unique service we can provide to people like Bonnie. He put us in touch with her.

Amy and Bonnie had lots of phone conversations. Bonnie had many questions about how our service works. She was skeptical. Could it really be that easy to sell a house in Columbus, Ohio? Gwen had seen “we buy houses” signs and she knew that some of them were shady characters. Bonnie wanted to know if she could sell as-is and if we would be able to do what we promised. Eventually, Bonnie was satisfied that Upward Home Solutions was an honest, local buyer. She agreed to let Tim take a look.


When you ask for a no-obligation, cash offer on your home, Tim will be the one to meet with you. Because Bonnie was in a nursing home, she wasn’t able to meet Tim at the house. Instead, Joe the neighbor met Tim there and showed him around. Tim looked at the foundation and the mechanicals. The next day, he presented Bonnie with a written cash offer for her home.

Our Wonderful Title Company

We’ve been working with the folks at PM Title for many years. They have helped us work through many complicated house closings. Because Bonnie wasn’t able to go to the office to complete the sale of her house, PM Title went to the nursing home. Bonnie was able to sign all of the documents in the comfort of her room. We wanted to make things as easy as possible for Bonnie. She is such a sweet woman. Everyone at Upward Home Solutions has fallen in love with her.

The proceeds from the sale of the house were wired into Gwen’s bank account on the same day.

UHS helps people when selling a house to move into a nursing home.

We’re used to all kinds of situations. Whether it’s back taxes or living out of state or difficulty with relatives, we’ve got solutions. Our team have acted as a mediator between family members who are unable to come to an agreement. We have paid lawyer fees, talked to government officials, even paid for things out of pocket.

It’s not just about houses. This is about people.

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when moving to a nursing home, consider selling a house to UHS

We have helped hundreds of Central Ohio homeowners sell their house for cash. We have earned the A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and 5 stars on Google.

sell you house for cash

Be Like Joe

Maybe you know of an overgrown house in the neighborhood. It’s looking shabby, ugly, worn down, or dumpy. Or you had a conversation with a friend and they said, “I’m thinking of finding someone who will pay me cash for my house.”

We are looking for people who want to partner with us in our mission to revitalize neighborhoods, one house at a time.

UHS has a generous referral program. Find out more on our Referral Program FAQ Page.

if you know someone interested in selling a house when moving to a nursing home, please send them our way.

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Selling a House To Move To Senior Care

When you or a loved one transitions to a senior care facility or nursing home, the family often must decide what should be done with the house and other property. These are big decisions and there are many choices.

Upward Home Solutions has services to help you on this journey.

This post will discuss the simplest, most convenient way of selling a home in the Central Ohio area, and how our company is particularly helpful for people moving to senior care facilities.

selling for senior care
we are senior care experts

When you need a fast house sale before moving to senior care, there’s nobody like Upward Home Solutions.

We offer a service that you won’t find anywhere else. Our professional team is trained to give you the highest cash offer for your house with the least amount of stress so you or your loved one can transition comfortably to senior care.

Ready to move to senior care? UHS can help with the house.

Know When It’s Time to Sell The House.

Seniors move into assisted care facilities or retirement communities for many reasons. Perhaps they need medical help or memory care. Others want to downsize. Still others like the amenities and convenience of having senior care services at their doorstep. Senior care facilities eliminate the burden of home maintenance and provide a safe environment.

We buy your house for cash. It’s a service that real estate agents won’t offer.

“I can’t keep up the yard.”

As we age, the physical strain of yard work can be too much. In the summer, there is grass that needs to be mowed, gardens that need to be weeded, flowers that need to be mulched, and trees to trim. In the winter, there are sidewalks to shovel and the danger of falling is increased.

“I can’t do steps.”

People who live in multi-story homes may have difficulty navigating the stairs due to injury or age. Those with mobility issues, including using a walker or wheelchair, may find that steps are impossible. The fall risk is heightened when there are stairs in the house. When going up and down stairs becomes difficult, it may be time to look for a home on a single level. Senior care facilities are built with mobility in mind.

“Stairways are a common location for falls, and they result in a disproportionate risk of death or severe injury.”

from “A review of stairway falls and stair negotiation: Lessons learned and future needs to reduce injury” by Jesse V. Jacobs

“I need medical help for myself or my spouse.”

There are many choices in senior care, from independent living in a condo to full nursing home care. Some facilities will allow seniors to transition between the different levels of medical care as their needs change.

“I want to retire and enjoy a community of friends my age.”

Many senior living places will have activities for the residents. A friend who recently moved into a care facility told me that there is a free happy hour every day in the common room. He loves having a glass of wine before dinner with his new friends.

senior care
senior care happy hour

It’s Time To Sell The Family House

If the home has been owned for a long time, it will have a significant amount of equity. Some seniors will own their house without a mortgage or bank loan. They will be able to sell the house and realize the full amount of profit. Others will have paid off 40% or more of the loan, which can still be a significant amount of money. The equity in the home is value that is stored. When the home is sold, that equity becomes money in the bank that can be used for senior care.

Senior care facilities can cost a lot of money. In 2019, the average cost of assisted living and memory care is $4,000 per month with memory care costing an additional 20%.

Senior care facilities, which offer the flexibility of a continuum of care from independent living to skilled nursing, can cost an average of $3350 per month plus entrance fees of $80,000-150,000.

For many families, selling a home can be an important source of money for paying for long term care expenses.

Upward Home Solutions can help you with a quick house sale.

How Much Does Senior Care Cost?

Are you wondering how much money you will need to live in an assisted care facility? eCareDiary’s Cost Calculator can help you understand how much money you will need for long term care.

Upward Home Solutions simplifies the transition to senior care.

When you or your loved one is transitioning to senior care, UHS has solutions for selling the house. You may not want to make expensive repairs or updates. Upward Home Solutions will buy your house As-Is and you do not have to clean it out. You can take what you want and leave the rest.

If you want a guaranteed price and a scheduled closing date, don’t list with a Realtor. A real estate agent wants to help you sell your home. Upward Home Solutions are cash buyers. We want to buy the house from you, eliminating the “middle man” and the uncertainty.

When you sell your home to Upward Home Solutions, you pay ZERO commissions and ZERO closing costs. This saves you THOUSANDS of dollars. You will have more money to pay for senior care, and more peace of mind. We will give you a cash offer on the house without closing costs.

What is the process to sell my house as is fast?

Contact Us

Call 614-705-0866 and talk to Amy. She will answer all of your questions and set up an appointment for Tim to look at your house. If you are already in senior care and prefer not to meet, we can set up a phone appointment.

Or fill out our online submission form and Amy will give you a call or send you an email.

Meet with Tim S.

Tim Smith will take a quick peek at the inside and outside of the house. Don’t worry – he’s not looking at your stuff. (We’ve seen it all!) Tim will then present you with a CASH offer. If you like the offer, you can sign a contract and set a closing date. If you need more time, no problem! Tim will follow up in a few days.

We will help you every step of the way.

Our professional team handles dozens of sales every month and we are used to complicated situations. Some of the situations that we can help with include

  • Probate
  • Multiple owners on title
  • Tax liens
  • Foreclosure
  • Inherited house
  • Rental house with tenants (with or without a lease)
  • Problems with the city
  • Code violations
  • POA (power of attorney)
  • Owner is out of state
  • Owner is in a senior care facility
  • Legal issues

Our team will work through everything with you to ensure a smooth sale and closing of the property. Your transition to senior care just got a lot easier.

Can I Sell My House Online?

Yes. Upward Home Solutions has worked with homeowners who live in other states and even other countries. We can accept digital signatures and work with a title company that sends the agents to you. Of course, we will need to take a few extra steps to verify your identity, but many sellers have been pleased with the services we provide. You do not have to be at the closing in-person.

During the global pandemic, we have worked hard to keep everyone safe.

Every house, every situation, every closing is unique. That’s why we offer a variety of flexible solutions to help transition to senior care and sell my house Columbus, OH.

What Makes UHS Special?

You’ve probably seen the signs: We Buy Houses

Or the ads that feature cute cavemen wanting ugly houses.

Those are not us.

We are a locally owned business, not a franchise with a criminal record. The owners of Upward Home Solutions are lifelong Columbus residents who have been building a business and raising a family in Central Ohio. Their first purchase was 15 years ago and the business has only grown stronger.

Upward Home Solutions has been featured on local TV stations for their work revitalizing neighborhoods.

We are proud of the A+ rating we have earned at the Better Business Bureau.

Better Business Bureau Accredited Business

When you are looking for companies that pay cash for homes, Upward Home Solutions should be your first call. We make the transition to senior care easier with funds to support your new lifestyle. Families and homeowners agree that UHS works with integrity to provide you with the best home selling experience.

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And be on your way to living without worry in senior care.